Traveling solo from Mumbai to Delhi to McLeod Ganj: One backpack. Many stories. (Part 2)

Imagine waking up to this baby.

Imagine waking up to this baby.

I woke up late that morning. As I crinkled my eyes open, I found Nidhi’s room filled with sunlight. The view was spectacular–there lay the beautiful Himalayas right outside the window smiling slyly and asking me to get the f up. As I sat outside in the verandah looking at the mountains, while slowly exhaling the smoke out of my nose, I wondered how different this morning was from my usual Mumbai mornings. Continue reading


Traveling solo from Mumbai to Delhi to McLeod Ganj: One backpack. Many stories. (Part 1)

unnamed-4As I began to write this post, I got distracted for the fifth time in the last five minutes. And how can one not? There lay a beautiful panorama of the glorious, gigantic Himalayas right in front of my eyes, while I sipped the perfectly made lemon-ginger-honey tea sitting in the balcony of a quaint coffee cum book shop (with free WiFi) in McLeod Ganj.

I had quit my steady, well-paying journalism job a little more than a week ago and like many people of my age wanted to ‘find myself’. Actually no, let me correct that. Most people my age are married, having babies or getting engaged faster than Vishwanathan Anand’s chess moves, so let’s just stick to – I wanted to find myself, far away from this dangerous tribe. My last day at work was on Friday and I landed in Delhi on Sunday morning, determined to not waste any precious time. Now before you can think what’s the big deal in that, let me give you a little background of yours truly. Continue reading

Beautiful Oman: Here I come!

Oman, as a country has always fascinated me—the stunning landscape dotted with mountains, golden deserts, medieval cities and breathtaking thousand-odd miles of beaches have everything that it takes to mesmerize a traveler. Located in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, the country lies in a strategically important position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. I have always wanted to visit there (also because, a good friend of mine lives in Muscat and she keeps asking me to visit her), but never got the time to do so. So when I saw this contest, I definitely did not want to give up on the opportunity. Continue reading

Hey there Delilah: Flying far to get closer in London

They had met after ages. She had come down to Bombay after almost a year and a half. But it felt like just yesterday. It always feels like just yesterday. They pick up from where they leave it. Each time. Or sometimes, they start afresh.

Smoke. Loud music. Hazy lights.

They were standing in one corner of the club, giggling and guzzling down beer. Her eyes shone like a bright star. The multicolored lights created abstract patterns on her face. He looked  into her kaleidoscope eyes. Continue reading

Traveling smart to Istanbul; thanks to Skyscanner!

I have always dreamed of traveling to a foreign destination alone. No friends. No family. Just my backpack, DSLR and me. Wanted to roam around and explore the streets of an unknown city where I don’t know anyone or anything – the roads, the people, the local language, the cuisine. For that, there are many such cities in my bucket list, but the one that tops the list is Istanbul, Turkey. Continue reading

Aiming for a second masters degree because: Knowledge is Great (Britain)!

I come from a family where higher education is given the primary importance; marriage, kids, jobs etc comes secondary. My grandfather was a lawyer, father is a doctor, brother is an engineer, and I am a journalist. Since childhood, I have been taught that knowledge is great and it has no boundary; you can keep on learning and re-learning all your life and still won’t know it all. Continue reading

Antarctica: Adventure is out there!

I have been told that I walk (waddle, rather) like a penguin, since I was a child. My Biology teacher coined the nickname ‘Penguin’ for me when I was in Standard 3, and till today, even after all these years, all my school friends call me by that embarrassing nickname. I have been fascinated and obsessed with penguins for as long as I can remember – the way they walk, they behave, they jump, and they swim. No wonder ‘Pingu’ is one of my favorite cartoon shows till today. It is about a penguin family that lives in Antarctica, and I can watch episode after episodes of that show all day, and never get tired. So, when I was asked to choose any place on Earth where I would like to take my friends, I couldn’t think of a better place than where the penguins live.. all the way down to the South Pole.. in Antarctica! Continue reading