Review: Foot Massage with Back, Head and Shoulder at Sukho Thai

If you guys read my blog regularly, you’d know I’m quite a big fan of Sukho Thai. Their services are worth your time and money and most importantly, they’re super relaxing! It was a working Saturday and I desperately needed to make my body feel better after a tiring week. Especially my feet. They hurt so bad. So on a sticky Saturday evening, I finished work and quickly reached Sukho Thai’s centre at High Street Phoenix Mall in Lower Parel for a massage.

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The best song in the world.

It was sometime around early 2014 that I accidentally discovered this song. It has been more than three years and I can still listen to it on loop at any given time of the day – after waking up, while working in office, before going to bed, while having sex, while travelling, while eating… you name it.

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Hum Do, Humaare Zero — The Simplest Family Plan

Picture source: Getty Images

Four people talk about why they want to remain childless and why that’s a difficult decision to make while living in India

The year is 2015 and yet our Indian society wants all of us to behave in a certain manner. Be it complaining about the comedy group All India Bakchod’s roast video (which compelled them to take it off YouTube eventually) or political parties like Hindu Mahasabha going on record to say that they will make couples out on Valentine’s Day marry each other—more and more things these days make me wonder if we are actually moonwalking backwards and regressing by the day.

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Why Banning Sex Education In Schools Is A Very Bad Idea

Dr Harsh Vardhan

Sex education does not mean wild kids indulging in depravity. It only means safer, healthier kids and reassured parents. Here’s why

When the Health Minister of a country makes bizarre statements like “sex-education in schools should be banned”, we know we’re in trouble. We live in a country where educated people of such stature think nothing of making irresponsible remarks like these (don’t forget, he also said, to prevent AIDS, fidelity in marriage was better than use of condoms)-and he is a doctor, mind you! Banning sex education to reduce STDs is a lot like banning driving in order to prevent an accident. Continue reading

Traveling smart to Istanbul; thanks to Skyscanner!

I have always dreamed of traveling to a foreign destination alone. No friends. No family. Just my backpack, DSLR and me. Wanted to roam around and explore the streets of an unknown city where I don’t know anyone or anything – the roads, the people, the local language, the cuisine. For that, there are many such cities in my bucket list, but the one that tops the list is Istanbul, Turkey. Continue reading

The role of ayurvedic and chemically processed/synthetic products in your baby’s growth

One of the earliest memories that I have of my childhood is, my grandmother giving my sister and me a good body massage with ayurvedic oil, right before a bath. She used to massage and lubricate our legs, hands and body for almost half and hour. I remember her telling us that, it is good for our health and it will help us grow faster. As time has passed by, I have realized how right she was, and how important it is, in the over all development of a child. Continue reading

A look into the future: Shopping in the year 2030

A lot has changed in this world since I was a kid in the early 90s, and a teenager during the beginning of the new millennium. I have seen the digital boom right before my eyes, and how technology gradually became an important part of our everyday lives. Seventeen years back, in the year 1996, a normal middle-class family like ours did not have any mobile phone or computers in the house, and the concept of ‘online shopping’ was completely alien to all. If so much could change in the past 17 years, imagine how much more would change in the next 17 years from now, i.e in the year 2030. Continue reading

Antarctica: Adventure is out there!

I have been told that I walk (waddle, rather) like a penguin, since I was a child. My Biology teacher coined the nickname ‘Penguin’ for me when I was in Standard 3, and till today, even after all these years, all my school friends call me by that embarrassing nickname. I have been fascinated and obsessed with penguins for as long as I can remember – the way they walk, they behave, they jump, and they swim. No wonder ‘Pingu’ is one of my favorite cartoon shows till today. It is about a penguin family that lives in Antarctica, and I can watch episode after episodes of that show all day, and never get tired. So, when I was asked to choose any place on Earth where I would like to take my friends, I couldn’t think of a better place than where the penguins live.. all the way down to the South Pole.. in Antarctica! Continue reading

Quarter life crisis should be legit.

quarter life 1We all know about mid-life crisis. It is well talked about, written about and discussed pretty often. But what about when you turn 25? What about the time when you’re neither young enough to party till wee hours of the morning and not old enough to brush your kid’s hair and get her ready for school? You got it, mate. That’s the quarter life crisis. Continue reading