Review: Thai traditional foot massage at Sukho Thai

Mumbai in July is no different than Venice and last Saturday it was raining like cats and dogs. It had been a typically crazy and hectic week at work. I needed a massage really bad. So, I braved the weather and reached Sukho Thai’s centre at High Street Phoenix Mall in Lower Parel, on a rain-drenched evening.

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Why Banning Sex Education In Schools Is A Very Bad Idea

Dr Harsh Vardhan

Sex education does not mean wild kids indulging in depravity. It only means safer, healthier kids and reassured parents. Here’s why

When the Health Minister of a country makes bizarre statements like “sex-education in schools should be banned”, we know we’re in trouble. We live in a country where educated people of such stature think nothing of making irresponsible remarks like these (don’t forget, he also said, to prevent AIDS, fidelity in marriage was better than use of condoms)-and he is a doctor, mind you! Banning sex education to reduce STDs is a lot like banning driving in order to prevent an accident. Continue reading

The role of ayurvedic and chemically processed/synthetic products in your baby’s growth

One of the earliest memories that I have of my childhood is, my grandmother giving my sister and me a good body massage with ayurvedic oil, right before a bath. She used to massage and lubricate our legs, hands and body for almost half and hour. I remember her telling us that, it is good for our health and it will help us grow faster. As time has passed by, I have realized how right she was, and how important it is, in the over all development of a child. Continue reading