Stunted adolescence.

When you’re 29, either you’ve friends who’re married or who’re divorced. Some of them even have human babies added to that mix (well, ugh?). There are only a select few people in my team right now, you know, the unmarried ones who have no fucking clue about life. Don’t get our tribe wrong. We do want to get married someday and we are aware that our so-called biological clock is a gong at the moment, swaying dangerously around our ovaries as a constant reminder. But you see, I don’t believe in getting married for the wrong reasons.

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Peshawar Attacks: How The Meaning Of ‘School’ Has Changed Forever

Photo Credit: Associated Press

In a world where the sanctity of life can be so brutally violated, do I really want to create a new one?

As I’m writing this post, the screen in front of me appears hazy and my head is buzzing—that’s because I’m crying. Silent tears. The office boy is giving me a side glance every now and then, wondering what’s wrong with me. I wish he didn’t see me like this, but I can’t seem to stop myself today. Since morning, all I’ve done is read up and watch the news as more and more details pour in about the Peshawar school attack. And with each lurid story, the tears flow faster. Continue reading

Why I Am Petrified Of Raising Kids!

The process of raising kids has changed drastically over the years—while our parents never worried about buying us expensive gadgets when we were young; 5-year-olds these days know how to use iPads like a pro. When I was their age, my biggest aim in life was to go out and get dirty while wrestling with my friends in the mud without getting a sound thrashing from my mother. So it’s extremely intimidating when I read about pre-teen kids developing and releasing apps on Playstore and App Store and whatnot store!

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Mom, Will I Be A Good Mom?

I see my friends getting married and having babies, and I don’t even have a fix on the P of Plan for my future. But it doesn’t stop me from thinking about what it would be like to be a mum one day…

I’m at that juncture in my life where 90% of my friends are either married, engaged or are with babies already. And then there are the remaining 10%, like me, that are at various stages of “figuring ourselves out”. While my friends are taking life-altering decisions like stopping the use of birth control and their subsequent plans of action, I struggle to decide what colour t-shirt to wear to work on a given day.  Continue reading

Quarter life crisis should be legit.

quarter life 1We all know about mid-life crisis. It is well talked about, written about and discussed pretty often. But what about when you turn 25? What about the time when you’re neither young enough to party till wee hours of the morning and not old enough to brush your kid’s hair and get her ready for school? You got it, mate. That’s the quarter life crisis. Continue reading

That time of the year.

2013This is that time of the year again, when everyone in the world wants your good. Or so it seems. Everyone sends you ‘happy and prosperous’ new year wishes via various mediums – Texts/ Whatsapp/ BBM/ Facebook/ Twitter/ G-Talk, you name it. Only a percent out of these people will actually bother to make a call and wish, or even better, meet you and wish. That probably shows what these wishes truly mean. It is more of a custom than a heartfelt gesture.  Continue reading