What a night: The 61st Filmfare Awards!

IMG_3262After many sleepless days, nights and working weekends.. the D-day had finally arrived. It was the night for the 61st Filmfare Awards – also fondly often given the moniker of an Indian Oscar.  Continue reading


How to dress-up on a Friday | With Jabong.com

Hey guys! Don’t we all get super excited as the long, tiring week slowly comes to an end and the much awaited Friday arrives? Well, I am no different. While we work all day on a Friday we surely let our hair lose moment the clock strikes 7 PM.

Just for that purpose, I decided to share with you the two looks from this Friday – what I wore at work and what I wore post that. Continue reading

Aiming for a second masters degree because: Knowledge is Great (Britain)!

I come from a family where higher education is given the primary importance; marriage, kids, jobs etc comes secondary. My grandfather was a lawyer, father is a doctor, brother is an engineer, and I am a journalist. Since childhood, I have been taught that knowledge is great and it has no boundary; you can keep on learning and re-learning all your life and still won’t know it all. Continue reading

A look into the future: Shopping in the year 2030

A lot has changed in this world since I was a kid in the early 90s, and a teenager during the beginning of the new millennium. I have seen the digital boom right before my eyes, and how technology gradually became an important part of our everyday lives. Seventeen years back, in the year 1996, a normal middle-class family like ours did not have any mobile phone or computers in the house, and the concept of ‘online shopping’ was completely alien to all. If so much could change in the past 17 years, imagine how much more would change in the next 17 years from now, i.e in the year 2030. Continue reading