The 10 Kinds Of Teachers We’ve All Experienced In Our School Lives

The hotties, the Hitlers and the British Raj throwbacks… We’ve all had at least one of each at some point in our student lives, haven’t we?

School life was undoubtedly the best part of all our lives. And even though we sometimes hated it amidst all the strict teachers, exams and peer pressure – we miss those fun-filled days now. On this Teachers’ Day, let’s take a trip back to school and take a look at the 10 kinds of teachers we have all encountered at least once during our school days. Continue reading


Aiming for a second masters degree because: Knowledge is Great (Britain)!

I come from a family where higher education is given the primary importance; marriage, kids, jobs etc comes secondary. My grandfather was a lawyer, father is a doctor, brother is an engineer, and I am a journalist. Since childhood, I have been taught that knowledge is great and it has no boundary; you can keep on learning and re-learning all your life and still won’t know it all. Continue reading