About me

Oh HELLO there internet warrior, who has traveled from far and wide to reach here. Let me tell you a little about myself. So, yours truly lives in Bombay. I am a journalist and writer. Compulsive shopaholic. Lover of books, beer, fashion, cinema, red wine, sarcasm, chai, shoes, in no particular order of lovingness.

My friends are getting married, engaged and having babies around me. I am only getting drunk and writing, mostly. But that’s not the point.

Apart from writing for bread, butter and wine, I write for myself. I used to scribble in cigarette packs and torn notebooks, sitting in classrooms and roads, till kind people around suggested me to put my thoughts in one blog. So, here I am.

The voices in my head were too happy with the idea. I am going to blog about anything that makes me happy – cinema, food, book reviews, love, life, sex, relationships, fashion, Bombay, travel, social issues, Calcutta and everything in between.

I shall write a book someday, hopefully. My friends think I should.

Please do not copy-paste stuff from here without my permission. Chances are I would say no even if you do ask for my permission.

I dig feedbacks and will try and reply to each of your comments. Write to me at ushnota@gmail.com or drop a mention on Twitter @journojuno should you have any questions or if you want a collaboration with your brand.

Enjoy the blog!

15 thoughts on “About me

  1. I would definitely line up for a signed copy!!! Just a compilation of ALL your blogs..past present and future… will be a HIT..hands down!

  2. ushnota, you are too good of a writer! I love your articulation skills, the way you take a strong stand against certain societal issues that you feel deeply about and i hope that your prolific writing skills are recognized by the public at large someday… Kudos and keep those amazing insights coming! consider me your hugest fan 🙂

  3. Hi june , i am snigdha das from kolkata, i had known u as ushnota [though i dnt think u remembr me], ur blogs reminded me the witty and fresh punch i had heard from you ,it still is enjoyble. God bless u

    • Hi Aayushi,

      I’m a huge American TV show buff. Haven’t written anything in those lines yet, though it’s surely some food for thought. x

  4. I read your article about DCH yesterday and looked up your blog after that. Good stuff. I really like the way your blog has a personality. Am a Hindi movie buff, would be nice to have a chat session on Hindi movies . I tried to blog myself but somehow never started writing about movies!!

  5. I’ve been contemplating taking a solo trip for months and haven’t gathered the courage to. And all that changed just now, after reading your blogposts. Tell me, which bus can I take from Delhi to McLeodganj?

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