Allah key bande

The most heartwarming and incredible thing happened right now. On my way back home in the auto, got stuck in traffic and rains. And while on other days, it takes around 100 bucks, today the meter read Rs 194. I was obviously a little irritated since it took way longer than usual for me to reach home.

But the auto driver (around my dad’s age. Should be around 55 to 60-years-old), who had an extremely pleasing face, wearing spectacles and sporting a salt and pepper moustache, turned around and told me, “Madam, itna kabhi ata nahi hain, mujhe pata hain. Ap sirf 150 rupaye dijiye”. I naturally said no, because it wasn’t his fault. But he didn’t take more than Rs 150 from me.

Finally, I started forcing him to take at least 10 bucks more but he folded his hands and said, “Bas dua dijiye, baad dua mat dijiye. Ap khush hai na? Bas. Meri kasam aur paisa mat dena”. I was stunned and overwhelmed at the same time. He had such sincerity in his voice, and those bright eyes that shone behind those spectacles, I’ll never forget them.

I said, “Bhaiyya mujhe bohot bura lag raha hai. Ap mujhse umar mein bohot bade hain. Ap hamesha khush rehna yehi dua karti hoon.” Amidst all rapists, murderers, corrupt politicians in our beloved country there exists such honest and sincere men who makes you wanna believe in humanity again. This little gesture touched me so much that I almost wanted to cry. Humare beech kuch Allah key bande hotey hain jo muskilo mein bhi muskurana seekha dete hain.

PS: Wish I had asked him his name, but I was too overwhelmed at that moment. But if I ever get to sit in his auto someday again, I will make sure to sit and chat up a storm with him. smile emoticon

PPS: It can only happen in Bombay.


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