5 Fun Things To Do When You’re Keeping Your Pregnancy A Secret

To help you make the most of the time before letting the world in on your special secret!

You have finally confirmed the news with your doctor and you both have laughed, cried, shrieked and are feeling overwhelmed by the news. But you’d rather wait awhile before breaking the news of your pregnancy to the world. Here are 5 fun things you can do with your partner that can make the two of you come even closer during this magical hush-hush period!

Make up a code language
I’m sure you must be feeling like shouting from the digital rooftops about it right now, and keeping the secret might seem very difficult. But until you both are ready, enjoy the secret by making up a fun code language that ONLY the two of you can comprehend in front of a bunch of people. Need to remind him about the pregnancy appointment in front of colleagues? Tell him, “Honey, did you check on the buns you were baking last night?” Actually no, I suck at this. Make it a little more subtle than this, I’m sure you got the drift, and can do better!

Enjoy preggy dates
Because, to be honest, once you grow bigger and movement is restricted and later when the baby arrives, date nights might be tough to plan. Take a vacation, get a makeover and generally make him pamper you. After all, which husband can say no to his pregnant wife.

Start a countdown 
If you don’t want to tell the world about your pregnancy till you cross the 3-month mark, then start a countdown with your partner. Start crossing out dates in the calendar everyday together and look forward to the day when you two can finally share the good news with everyone. You can spice it up a notch by setting up a daily email alert that you both shall receive everyday; or you can use numerical magnets on the fridge to count every passing day! Also, since you’re anyway taking time, plan a creative pregnancy announcement. I particularly love how this couple has done theirs.

Cook together
No matter how conventional this sounds, it never goes out of style, does it? Mealtimes are going to change pretty drastically soon. In a few months there will be a tiny human right in between you two, crying and demanding to be fed. So yes, make the most of this time and bond with each other by whipping up a tasty meal as a team! (Don’t forget sexytime post cooking time! *wink*)

Post-it notes
Be romantic and leave each other secret and cute notes all around the house. It can range something from as simple as “How are you feeling today morning, baby?” to something sexy like “Damn, those breasts are looking amazing!” Well, you get the point—be creative, be loving and make the most of this time, because very soon all post-its in the house will read “Do not disturb. The baby is sleeping!”

(Note: This post of mine was originally published in Yowoto on 10th December 2014)


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