10 Strange Things Indian Kids Grow Up Listening To

Did you grow up in India? You’ll relate

We’ve all heard these lines in our lifetimes – and while some of them might be relics of the past, others are never going out of style! Continue reading


7 Unusual Romantic Things To Do For Your Husband

For the ladies who never want to cook a candle-lit dinner (there’s a reason god invented take-out, you know!)

Before I start writing this story, let me tell you a little bit about myself—I have never really been the sappy, romantic kinds. I mean yes, I love being in ‘love’ and I love everything that comes with being in a long, serious relationship, but I have never been someone who will go awwww on receiving a box of chocolates or dissolve in a puddle of mush on receiving flowers for no reason. If the chocolates are good, I’ll eat them even if they are in the shape of, I don’t know, spiders; and on most days, I think flowers are a dreadful waste of money and space. My idea of romance is a little, how shall I put it… Non-conventional. Which is where the idea for this feature came from. I’m so sick of all the boring advice that self-appointed experts have been peddling for years to us women. Truth be told, I’d sooner eat my own hand than recommend cooking as a romantic activity—even Cupid would wince and slink back to his corner quietly if he was exposed to the withering looks of Shanta bai as she surveyed the kitchen after the said romantic meal had been cooked! Continue reading