Krrish: The Indian Superhero Who Makes Superman Look Like KRK

Whether you’ve seen Krrish 3 or not, you haven’t seen it this way

Wait, where’s Krrish 2? Also, Vivek Oberoi still works in Bollywood? Was I in a coma for the past few years?

After suffering 152 minutes (the run-time of the film) of intense pain, I have come to the conclusion that my editor hates me. Why else would she put me through the pain that I had managed to escape back when the movie had actually released?  Continue reading


Beautiful Oman: Here I come!

Oman, as a country has always fascinated me—the stunning landscape dotted with mountains, golden deserts, medieval cities and breathtaking thousand-odd miles of beaches have everything that it takes to mesmerize a traveler. Located in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, the country lies in a strategically important position at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. I have always wanted to visit there (also because, a good friend of mine lives in Muscat and she keeps asking me to visit her), but never got the time to do so. So when I saw this contest, I definitely did not want to give up on the opportunity. Continue reading