Why Banning Sex Education In Schools Is A Very Bad Idea

Dr Harsh Vardhan

Sex education does not mean wild kids indulging in depravity. It only means safer, healthier kids and reassured parents. Here’s why

When the Health Minister of a country makes bizarre statements like “sex-education in schools should be banned”, we know we’re in trouble. We live in a country where educated people of such stature think nothing of making irresponsible remarks like these (don’t forget, he also said, to prevent AIDS, fidelity in marriage was better than use of condoms)-and he is a doctor, mind you! Banning sex education to reduce STDs is a lot like banning driving in order to prevent an accident. Continue reading


I Love You, Dad


An open letter to my dad on Fathers’ Day, telling him things I’ve never before put into words…

Dear Dad,

When was the last time I wrote a letter to you? I think it was when I was 7, and had learnt letter-writing in English class. Remember that phase? I used to write handwritten letters to everybody-from classmates in school to family members to friends who lived down the street, to my grandparents and all our relatives. And instead of stopping me, you diligently put stamps and posted them for me. Thanks, Dad. Maybe that was the start of my future career as a writer. Continue reading

Mom, Will I Be A Good Mom?

I see my friends getting married and having babies, and I don’t even have a fix on the P of Plan for my future. But it doesn’t stop me from thinking about what it would be like to be a mum one day…

I’m at that juncture in my life where 90% of my friends are either married, engaged or are with babies already. And then there are the remaining 10%, like me, that are at various stages of “figuring ourselves out”. While my friends are taking life-altering decisions like stopping the use of birth control and their subsequent plans of action, I struggle to decide what colour t-shirt to wear to work on a given day.  Continue reading