Hey there Delilah: Flying far to get closer in London

They had met after ages. She had come down to Bombay after almost a year and a half. But it felt like just yesterday. It always feels like just yesterday. They pick up from where they leave it. Each time. Or sometimes, they start afresh.

Smoke. Loud music. Hazy lights.

They were standing in one corner of the club, giggling and guzzling down beer. Her eyes shone like a bright star. The multicolored lights created abstract patterns on her face. He looked  into her kaleidoscope eyes. Continue reading


Traveling smart to Istanbul; thanks to Skyscanner!

I have always dreamed of traveling to a foreign destination alone. No friends. No family. Just my backpack, DSLR and me. Wanted to roam around and explore the streets of an unknown city where I don’t know anyone or anything – the roads, the people, the local language, the cuisine. For that, there are many such cities in my bucket list, but the one that tops the list is Istanbul, Turkey. Continue reading