The Hope Project: Your loan can help ex-devadasi women to start a new life

Today, I’m not blogging only for myself. I’m blogging for a cause. Did you know that the age old Devadasi practice is still prevalent in many parts of rural India? The Milaap Hope Project is an initiative to help ex-devadasi women to step up and embrace progress. Through this campaign, they are inviting small loans for the micro enterprises of these women, so that they can set up small businesses and escape from their cycle of hopelessness. Continue reading


Aiming for a second masters degree because: Knowledge is Great (Britain)!

I come from a family where higher education is given the primary importance; marriage, kids, jobs etc comes secondary. My grandfather was a lawyer, father is a doctor, brother is an engineer, and I am a journalist. Since childhood, I have been taught that knowledge is great and it has no boundary; you can keep on learning and re-learning all your life and still won’t know it all. Continue reading