Scattered pieces.

They were inseparable. Madly and passionately in love. You know what they say about two bodies but one soul? Her morning used to start with his ‘good morning’ texts and his day used to end with her sweet nothings. The touch of his hand used to give her shivers. The look of her eyes used to stop his breath.

But, things change. People change. Feelings change.

They changed too. The regular fights, the tears, the blame games. They still remained together. For the sake of love. For the sake of the years that they have spent together.

When they used to make love, a tear drop used to trickle down her left eye. He used to slowly kiss it away. A storm used to start outside. Lights would go away. Their bodies used to make shadowy patterns on the walls, and become one. At that point of time, she used to feel safe. Nothing or no one can change the passion they have for each other, they thought.

But one fine morning, everything fell apart. They drifted away. The fights became unbearable. The grief became intolerable.

Living without each other is tough, they thought. But it is better to not torment each other by living with each other.

They miss each other. Days have passed. Weeks. Months.

She opened the box which had a stack of their pictures together. Smiling. Happy times. There. A picture of him smiling under the sun, holding a cricket bat. Her eyes stung. She pulled it closer and kissed it.

And then, it rained.


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