Through the dark: In loving memory


Yes, that’s the word. That one word can sum up my life, this entire blog post, mom. It has been 15 years. And without you, these 15 years have been a void that can never be filled. No one can. Nothing ever will. Continue reading


A few good men.

10-Salman-Khan-meets-Faith-Aanlingan-NGO-childrens-in-MandwaIndia is ruled by two things – Cricket and Bollywood. These are the two things that always manage to create mass hysteria and bind our countrymen together. We laugh together when we win a cricket series 4-0 against Australia, and we cry together when Shah Rukh Khan dies at the end of a movie. But amidst all these glamour and passion, there lies a side we do not really know about Bollywood and cricket. A lot of these celebrities are engaged in some really great social work and endorse social initiatives in their own little way. Continue reading