My ‘Out of the Blue’ moment.

JuƞO (_)It was pretty much out-of-the-blue. The opportunity. I never win anything. Especially, these online competitions. But, I finally did. I was one of the two lucky winners of a Twitter contest and I won myself a complimentary buffet lunch cum spa in this cozy restaurant called ‘Out of the Blue’ in Bandra. Irony, yes? I know.

So, they have this newly launched thing called the ‘Friday Lunch Spa’, where the buffet consists of only ‘organic food’. Even I was confused about the entire concept till they explained me that all vegetables, oil, breads, dips used in the buffet are organic in nature. The staff were polite, patient, helpful and genuinely nice.

I was first given a glass full of ‘Amla Mojito’ which was tangy and refreshing, because it was a sweltering hot Mumbai afternoon. I started with the ‘Organic 3 Lettuce Minestrone Soup’. The Chef explained that three kinds of organic lettuce is used to make the soup and care is taken so that the taste of fresh lettuce still remains. Well, it was thick (just the way I like) and tasted good. I had it with organic breads.


There were some four to five kind of organic breads and four kinds of dips to mix and match it with – Organic Olive Oil with fresh seasonal herbs, Dill and sweet potato dip (I loved this one!), Coriander pesto dip and Organic paprika hummus dip.



Next, I headed towards the live pasta counter. There was this cutest looking Chef I have ever seen till date, making pasta, with a dimpled smile. Anyway, so you can tell him which pasta do you want – penne or fusili? Which sauce do you want – Red or white or both? Do you want all vegetables? Do you want chicken in it? You get the drift. I settled for penne with white sauce, with all veggies and chicken in it. Honestly, it was okay, not great. The pasta was a little chewy, but the chicken pieces were succulent and well cooked. But I overlooked the okay-looking pasta for the more-than-okay-looking person who made it.



Then, something that always happens to me during buffets, happened. I got full before the main course. There are three kinds of non-vegetarian dishes you get in this category – Grilled Chicken with red wine sauce and exotic vegetables, Pan seared fish in parsley sauce and Mustard marinated surf and turf with parsley pesto. There were vegetarian main courses too, but since I am a hardcore carnivore, I overlooked them.

I ordered for the Grilled Chicken and the Surf and Turf, since I am not a big fish fan. The Mustard marinated surf and turf with parsley pesto was quite a delight. By the time, the Grilled Chicken arrived, I had to send it back, even though it looked delicious. I was really full by then, and the desserts were still left to be had!

The Dessert counter had a wide range to choose from – Organic Mix Fruits Swiss Roll, Ginger bread gateaux, Coffee and Citrus mousse and Three layered cheesecake. I settled down with the last two and Oh-My-God, it tasted like heaven! The mousse was to die for. The combination of coffee and citrus almost gave me an orgasm. Almost. The cheesecake was awesome as well.


Once, I was done gorging like a mini elephant, I wondered where the spa was. I had high hopes, going by the name ‘Friday Lunch Spa’. But I was told, that you get only feet and hand massages. Well, not bad, I thought, and headed towards the massage stall. Turns out, they only give feet massage. So much for a ‘spa’. But still, when I took off my high heels and got a relaxing massage, it all seemed so worth it. Ah, the pampering!

The ambience of the restaurant is airy, nice and cozy. Perfect for a Sunday brunch, I felt. The good food and massage almost sent me to lala-land, but the bitter truth was the fact, that it was a Friday afternoon. I had to go back to office to finish my pending stories for the day. But nothing could dampen my spirits. It was an afternoon well-spent and I’m surely coming back again with my girlfriends for another session of pampering plus good food!

The Friday Lunch Spa costs Rs 495 excluding taxes. You need to call them for reservations.


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