That time of the year.

2013This is that time of the year again, when everyone in the world wants your good. Or so it seems. Everyone sends you ‘happy and prosperous’ new year wishes via various mediums – Texts/ Whatsapp/ BBM/ Facebook/ Twitter/ G-Talk, you name it. Only a percent out of these people will actually bother to make a call and wish, or even better, meet you and wish. That probably shows what these wishes truly mean. It is more of a custom than a heartfelt gesture. 

Given the anti-social element that I am, I recoil during such occasions. I am more of the uncomfortable ‘same to you’ kind. I copy and keep ‘Wish you the same’ and press ‘paste’ each time a supposed wish pops up on my phone.

Probably it is the 90s kid in me that refuses to accept a part of this technology boom. So, basically, when I was a kid/teen, people used to come up to me and wish me a happy new year. Or, they used to call me on my huge, black landline home telephone and wish. Or, they would send me hand written cards. Sweet gesture, yes? Heartfelt, yes? It genuinely felt like that.

The adverse side of this super updated technology probably is the fact (apart from the fact that I am technologically pretty handicapped), that you don’t know who is real and who is not. Everyone seems to bother about you, care about you and be interested about your life. Hard to pin-point who really does, and who doesn’t at all. Masked people around makes me withdraw and copy-paste that ‘wish you the same’ each time. I swear I can almost hear hisses behind that facade.

It is also that time of the year when people makes resolutions, breaks them and goes on with their life, like nothing happened. I guess I have grown up (I would like to believe so). So, I stopped making a fool of myself this time, and made no resolution at all, but one. I have promised myself that I will finally finish writing my first book by the end of this year. I had started writing it long back, but the everyday ‘earning my bread and wine’ struggle, had put my poor book in the back burner. So, I have set myself a target and I earnestly hope I will keep this promise that I made to myself. It is after all not that non-achievable as my previous resolutions – attain an hour-glass figure, exercise regularly, eat healthy, not get confused, be less lazy, not be sarcastic, mean and judgemental to people, and what not!

Also, this New Year’s Eve was a quiet affair. Had only one glass of white wine (yes, you heard me right. That’s me, who used to get sloshed every NYE and party hard) and had nice dinner at ‘Mainland China’ and went for a long drive till Marine Drive and back. Life has changed in so many ways.

But, some things will never change. For example, your fake wishes will always remain fake to me. I will always reply with an awkward “same to you” and I will always remain a sucker for handwritten, personalized stuff.

The reason I say this with so much conviction this time, is because of my last year’s birthday experience. So, there were some 500+ Facebook ‘wishes’ on my wall. But no friends came and met me or gave me a birthday cake. I can count who all called and they are the predictable ones, who I know have always stayed friends with me since ages (and always will).

So, if you are reading this, and you think you are my friend and you genuinely care, then next time, come hug me and wish. I will write you a small poem in return. Let’s stay the 90s kid. Forever.


2 thoughts on “That time of the year.

  1. 🙂
    Did i wish you AT ALL!!! Damn…dont even remember!
    AND….this time’s New Year resolution sounds ssooooooo goood!!! 🙂 ❤

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