Have you ever been in love? Love, so powerful, that it is self-destructive? So powerful in fact, that it turns you bitter and caustic towards each other? It numbs your feelings and leaves you high and dry?  Continue reading


If the Hudson Overflows.

mqdefault“This looks intimidating,” he said.

“Oh, come on. We don’t have much time. Half and hour. Let’s finish this!” she giggled.

It was a cool winter evening in Bombay. The dark, small, yet cozy Café Leopold had more foreigners than Indians, sitting, talking, drinking and laughing.

They sat on one small table facing each other. There was a huge beer tower kept between them. As they kept guzzling down the beer, conversations kept flowing. Continue reading

That time of the year.

2013This is that time of the year again, when everyone in the world wants your good. Or so it seems. Everyone sends you ‘happy and prosperous’ new year wishes via various mediums – Texts/ Whatsapp/ BBM/ Facebook/ Twitter/ G-Talk, you name it. Only a percent out of these people will actually bother to make a call and wish, or even better, meet you and wish. That probably shows what these wishes truly mean. It is more of a custom than a heartfelt gesture.  Continue reading