Talaash: A search for the plot.

Talaash: The answer lies withinSo, this is one movie that I honestly was looking forward to, for a very long time. You know, the kind of movie you are sure will take your breath away and keep you at the edge of the seat? That. But, I fell flat on my face after watching it. The most disappointing movie of 2012, in my opinion, because I had zero expectations from other flicks, so they were a welcome surprise, like ‘Barfi’ or even a ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. But I had such tall expectations from Reema Kagti’s ‘Talaash: The answer lies within’, that I was left with a vacuum and felt like a sore thumb.

I expected a spine chilling murder mystery full of twists, turns and suspense, but got served with souls, cops who talk to aatmas, drowning kids and planchette believing mothers instead. Just when I was looking for an intelligent ending, I was left with a “You-just-didn’t-do-that-to-me, did you?” sorta feeling. Disclaimer: This aint no ‘Gupt’.

Talaash isn’t bad, in terms of cinematography, acting and other technicalities. I guess I was disappointed only because I always have tall expectations from Aamir Khan movies. That man has given us “Taare Zameen Par”, “Lagaan”, “Rang De Basanti” in the recent past. You can’t blame me really, can you?

It went amazing till the interval. Fast paced, introduction of interesting characters, the dark side of Bombay behind the glamour and good music by Ram Sampath. The movie begins with a car accident in which one Bollywood actor Armaan (Vivan Bhatena) dies and Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat (Khan) is the one to investigate the case. He soon realizes that there is more to the accident than what meets the eye. Enter Kareena Kapoor as Rosy, who is so convincing as a prostitute, that you almost slowly want to clap for her, for being so slutty.

She gives away clues to Khan every now and then to help him with the investigation, every time our super cop tells her, “Mujhe iski Talaash hain” with a straight face. On the other hand,  Surjan has a sad past. Surjan and his wife Roshni (Rani Mukherjee) lost their only child in a drowning accident, and since then, the couple hardly communicates. Roshni goes to therapy to help herself. Surjan drowns himself in work to stop thinking about it. He cannot sleep at night and that strangely reminds you of Al Pacino’s character in  “Insomnia” directed by Christopher Nolan.

Everyone in the cast has played their part perfectly. Aamir as the workaholic cop, Rani as the devastated, de-glam mother, Kareena as the sex worker, and of course the amazing Nawazuddin Siddique as the limping pimp! That guy just keeps getting better with each movie. The cinematography is smart and brings out the noir-suspene theme well.

Anand Subaya’s editing is crisp and the background score is superb. The lighting and background score reminded me of one of my most favourite films – Leonardo Di Caprio starrer “Shutter Island” by the great Martin Scorsese. Some songs like ‘Jiya Lagey na’ and ‘Lakh Duniya Kahein’ stays with you for a long time.

Alas! Everything is good except the script. With a tattered plot (by Kagti and Zoya Akhtar), how far can one go anyway? Even a top-notch actor like Aamir Khan can’t save you at the end of the day. It looked like an eternal ‘Talaash’ for a better climax. Talaash is the kind of movie that promises you diamonds and gold, but leaves you hanging with cheap trinkets that you get in Colaba market.


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