10 reasons why being with him is like being with my cat.

My cat Gullu and my man have uncanny similarities. Being in a relationship with him is equivalent to being in a relationship with my cat. Here’s why: Continue reading


Believe, love, laugh : Barfi’s Law

The argument started with ‘we are again watching a good movie this late, thanks to you. It happened with Gangs of Wasseypur too.’ That eventually led to ‘you don’t give me enough time,’ with him buying me cheese popcorn and feeding me in order to calm me down.

We were sitting in a packed Andheri theater for an evening show of ‘Barfi!’ that had already swept audiences across the nation off their feet. We were late in watching the marvel. But it is better late than never, they say. “We need to talk,” I said, as the movie started and the lights went off. Continue reading

Cutting Chai. Chhota Goldflake.


It was raining incessantly. Bombay rains. They never stop. They are unusually white and misty. It blurs your vision. Makes you dizzy if you stare outside for too long.

I was perched on top of the window seal of my little rented apartment, and gazing outside. A cutting chai and a chhota Goldflake in hand. I was puffing absent-mindedly. He creased his forehead and gave me a disapproving look and went back to photoshopping photographs in his laptop, as I threw my head back and laughed.

A raindrop fell on the chai. The smoke came out in little circles. Got lost in the white rains. Continue reading