That Christmas. And this.


I met you yesterday. After an entire light year. You still smile your glittery sunshine half-smiles, and strangely, I still peep at you through the velvety curtains of faked bitterness and pique. I still stand on my toes to reach out for your curls and ruffle them. Run my fingers through them to smoothen it. You still pull my hand tightly and make me walk on the ‘right side of the road’. We still can’t hate each other. We giggle and then we cry, and then we hug like we have never hugged before. It’s like a vicious cycle. I was there by the sea side yesterday. You were there too. So was the Santa cap. And the tears. And the laughter. And Christmas. Love fools that we are. And shall always remain so. One year has passed by since last Christmas. Feels like eternity.

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