That little boy called Karma.

So, they say ‘Karma is a bitch’. Which breed, I ask? And most importantly, why is poor Karma a bitch anyway? Karma is actually a little orphan who has nowhere to go. It craves for some love and sufficient attention. So, it looks for a chance and jumps on you, given an opportunity. No, not exactly the same way Rakhi Sawant craves for the media.

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Break Ke Baad.

So, we all have had our share of heartaches sometime or the other, in life. Some take ages to ‘move on’. Some just feels so happy to have found the ‘new found freedom’ that they go overboard and fix a date at CCD, the very next day. They bore the date with sulky stories of their recent break up, and the date gets scandalized and never picks up any call ever again. That’s a different story though. Continue reading