‘Reel’-ing into Reality.

He is from Bombay.

She is from Calcutta.

She thinks he is a ‘kid’, because he is younger to her

He hates being called a ‘bachcha’.

She comes all the way to Bombay – to work and be ‘independent’.

He wants to live his life to the fullest.

He tells her about life in Bombay. About Bombay rains. About Marine Drive.

She wants to be a feature writer.

He is a photographer.

She finds job in a ‘magazine’.

She hunts for an apartment in Bombay.

They both set up the place together.

He clicks her photographs. Amazing black and white portraits.

She is a Bengali. She writes.

He clicks. All around.

She reads. She loves the smell of her books.

He is the casual tee-shirt jeans guy.

She is the kurti jeans bong.

He makes her birthday special, when she incredibly misses her family back in Calcutta.

They fall in love. With each other.

I was talking about the movie Wake Up Sid.

What did you think? 🙂


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