Rolling it up.

It was a sultry February afternoon. As the Ramnath Goenka Award winning professor kept teaching the journalism class, about developmental journalism and how we, as youth can save India, four girls bunked class and came back to the hostel, to roll a joint instead.

The room was dark and comfortable. There were slices of the hot sun seeping in through the sides of the curtain, giving the room a dreamy feel. As four of us became busy passing on the joint to each other, my mind kept thinking how life will drastically change in a week. The journalism course was getting over in a week. Masters would be over. Work will start. Time to step into the ‘real world’.

Two years flew past so fast. There were good times, but mostly bad. The people were weird. But it’s true S*#@ teaches LIFE. In more ways than one. As the smoke went in, we felt better. The head felt heavy, yet light. As Amit Trivedi’s magically woven Udaan theme kept playing in a loop, life seemed unusually easy.

After one joint, there was still some stuff left. So one of us started rolling. I wanted to attend the last lecture. Two joints later, two of my journo friends quickly sneaked inside their respective quilts and decided to watch a movie or sleep – in simple terms, they wanted to enjoy that freaking awesome high.

Maybe I was a little mad. Crazy. Eccentric. I don’t know why, but I flung my sling bag and started walking towards college to attend the last lecture. The head was fuzzy and my eyes had the same droopy look, that gives away that I am stoned. The sun was burning as bright as my bloodshot stone-tinted eyes.

As I reached the Academic Block, I saw rows of MBA ‘aspirants’ sitting outside the edit suite, waiting for their Personal Interview. Our super juniors! The voices inside my head gave a nasty smirk. Yet another batch. Yet another love story. Yet another heart break. Yet another back log paper. Yet another TNG. Yet another Freshers’ Party. Yet another DISCO. Yet another crush. Yet another proxy check. Yet another.. innocent soul getting lost in the rat race, in this poisonous, isolated hill top.

I stared for a while, smirked, and made my way towards the class…


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